How lucky i am, Have a lovely husband and 2 amazing kids. Actually my english is not good but i’ll try to write and speak in english. Sorry if you will find wrong grammar 😁 .  Practice makes perfect, isn’t it?

This is another blog about my journey in USA. As usual i always forgot the password and i’m difficult to sign in because the code sent to my Indonesia number 😭. But it’s okay, life must go on, rite?

So  enjoy my journey❤️

Ooh How blessed i am and my family. We got chance to lived in here, Rhode Island, Beautiful state, good environment, good neighborhood, and ofcourse good house.

This is some picture of our journey from Indonesia to USA.

After a long journey, which is  took around 30 hours include transit we arrived in TF Green Airport Rhode Island 🌴. We got jetlag for 3-5 days, my kids always woke up 1 am and not sleep until 3 pm. They hungry and ‘breakfast ‘ in 2 am. 😜

We spent a couples day in NavyLodge, in the morning we spent time at playground.

After we finished administration things, we moved to our beautiful house. Things that i love are homey, fast internet, nice kitchen and bathroom ❤️

Here are some pictures :

We will spent 11 months live in here ❤️

So this it it, all about my journey from Indonesia to USA. Next blog is about another trip and lovely place that i visited .

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